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Brandan Fokken is an IFBB pro physique athlete, sponsored athlete, published writer, speaker, international cover and fitness model, actor (MTV), coach and anti-bullying advocate gym owner. Brandan regularly speaks to schools and businesses on a variety of topics. He has a passion for engaging and working with young minds and is open to speaking engagements anywhere in the US.


Brandan loves working in the fitness industry. He loves helping and working with people. There is nothing more rewarding to him than to have someone come to him for help and being able to help them on their path to betterment. “A major reason I stay so involved in all aspects of fitness other than for the challenge, is to show people that anything is possible; with hard work and determination, you can ultimately do whatever it is you want in life. The only person that can tell you that you can’t is you and you don’t have to listen!”


Brandan’s main goals in life is to be a good father to his son Eastan and a good husband to his wife Amber. He strives to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, to help others achieve their goals, inspire, educate and motivate others while continuing to be inspired to always push to be a better person.


Certifications held:

• AFAA personal trainer certified

• Life Fitness Group certified

• CPR; AED certified

• R.I.P.P.E.D certified

• First aid certified

• PIYO certified

• Group stretching certified

• Cardio Kickboxing certified

• Certified Nutrition Specialist

• Fitness Nutrition Specialist



Brandan has worked with, donated to, raised funds for and have participated

in many walks and charity events in the past years. Some of these include:



• National Kidney Foundation

• The Buddy Walk

• SurviveIt

• Breast Cancer Awareness/Tu Tus for ta tas event

• American Heart Association

• Make a Wish Foundation

• Seeds of Change

• Washington Pavilion arts program

• Various animal shelters

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